Space Wars

The Story Behind Space Wars

This is a story that begins with two Star Wars nerds who thrive on in-jokes and barely-cohesive stories. The type of people who show up at fan conventions and complain about the vaguely-canon nature of the Jedi Exile. That would be us. The people who wrote this. Yeah, we know we're geeks.

But we're also more than that. We're geeks who write our jokes down for all the Internet to see. We're exhibitionist geeks, as it were. Anyway, the story of Space Wars begins, like so many other stories, with a couple of guys bouncing ideas off each other. Some of the ideas were horrible, but that didn't stop us.

Most of them were horrible, in fact.

Still, it was a great opportunity. One of us, Andrew, had long aspired to write a Star Wars parody. Naively thinking that he could just write a Knights of the Old Republic parody. The difficulties inherent are enormous, and the plan was put on the proverbial back burner. Andrew, you see, gets a lot of ideas that are completely infeasible. Ryan, like the Vulcan he is, uses logic to shoot down other people's ideas. But that's not important right now.

Instead, the plan was to parody the entire Star Wars movie saga in order. It would be a Herculean undertaking (particularly considering the sheer weirdness of several of Hercules' labors), but it wasn't anything that couldn't be accomplished with ignorance, caffeine, and the script to Star Wars.

And so was born... this. A parody that is not a comic (that would require drawing skills), nor a redubbed video (that would require voice acting skills), nor a well-written fanfic. Instead, it's just a script. People talk and there's a line of expository text every now and then.

That's. About. It.

Except that's not about it, since we kept it up for parody after parody. We even went back and revised the stuff that didn't make sense (and there was a lot of it, and still is).

And we won't stop until every corner of the Star Wars universe has been explored by our probing, trivia-addled minds.