Space Wars

About the Authors

This is about the people behind the curtain. Or the parody series. Or whatever.

Ryan Clough

Ryan is one of those people you'll find sneaking around in the ceiling tiles of your workplace. He currently plans to major in Computer Engineering and Mathematics.

When not in classes or editing Space Wars, Ryan is probably working on some form of technology. Sometimes over-logical, he tends to stay a bit more grounded in reality, taking his randomness from his surroundings.

Andrew Erickson

Andrew is an average college student, but without the drunkenness. His job is to do most of the writing with blind abandon, leaving Ryan to fix the errors later. So far, it's seemed to work fairly well.

His interests include underappreciated TV shows ("I AM ZIIIIIIIM!"), gaming, various webcomics, and (obviously) making Star Wars parodies. He believes western civilization will reach the pinnacle of technological prowess when there is a virtual reality game that faithfully reproduces lightsaber combat (with or without severed limbs - it really doesn't matter either way).